Helion 2024

Plans for 2024 with Helion

As you may have seen with the announcement that Helion will be publishing the REG rules in January 2024. The releases that are currently lined up are –

January 2024

  • Renatio et Gloriam rulebook
  • Army book covering the Thirty Years War and Wars of the United Kingdoms

Pre-orders for these two books will be around the start of December

For the remainder of 2024 in rough timeline

End Q1 2024

  • Army book covering the War of Spanish Succession and Great Northern Wars

End Q2 2024

  • Army book covering the Mid to Late Sixteenth Century

End Q3

  • Army book covering the Later Seventeenth Century

End Q4

  • Army book covering the Italian Wars

In 2025

  • Army Book for the Far East

At a result the following will be withdrawn from sale shortly

Renatio et Gloriam rules PDF and the following army lists

  • Italian Wars
  • Habsburg facing East
  • A Rough Wooing and Revolting Peasants
  • The French Wars of Religion
  • On the Dnieper
  • Thirty Years War
  • Wars of the Three Kingdoms
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • League of Augsburg
  • Great Northern War
  • War of Spanish Succession
  • South East Asia
  • Deluge to Devolution

Those lists not mentioned about will remain in place on the CCC games site.

Those that have already bought the PDF rules will get a discount on the Helion printed rules, when they go on sale.