Helion 2024

Helion to publish Renatio et Gloriam in 2024

CCC games and Helion Publications are delighted and proud to confirm that the renaissance CCC ruleset, Renatio et Gloriam, will be published by Helion as part of their wargames suite for the period. They will be published in Jan 2024 along with a first army list book for the mid 17th century (ECW and TYW Army Lists), with five further army list books to follow during the following 2 years. These are sequenced as follows, WSS/GNW Army Lists, Mid to Late 16th Century Army Lists, late 17th Army Lists, Italian Wars Army Lists, Far East Army Lists.

CCC creator Simon Hall comments, “I have always admired Helion for their focus and have well over 20 of my books on my wargames shelves.  The English Civil War remains to this day one of my favourite periods.  Myself, Simon Clarke and Alasdair Harley are all delighted to be teaming up and to know that all the hard work the to of them have spent adapting CCC into such an innovative and enjoyable set of rules for the period will be with Helion at every show they attend. People already owning the PDF version of the rules will receive a discount voucher to contribute to buying the printed version. I also have a TYW/ECW new figure range coming out to support the ruleset – watch this space!  I am looking forward to all the growth of the player base that will come from Helion’s incredible reach and popularity in the period.”