The Army Builder

Excel spreadsheet to enable construction of armies simply and quickly

Versions Changes

2024.1.4 Added missing Supporting Ranks Characteristic to the dropdown

2024.1.3 Correction to Mandarin Duck formation size

2024.1.2 Remove legacy weapons from dropdowns to avoid confusion

2024.1.1 Fix to locked autoselect cell in Print version sheet

2024.1 2024 Helion Release

2023.3 Support for La Guerre Folle

2023.2 Fixed error in Battle Wagon wound calculation. Was 13, should be 7

2023.1 Revised for 2023 changes

1.11 Fix for characteristic lookup on input sheet cols B,C&D

1.10 Support for Support for
18. Western Africa
22. The Holy League
23. Western Colonies
24. East African Coastline
25. Bantu peoples
26. North Africa & Middle East

1.9 Support for Southeast Asia. Elephant wound calc bug fix

1.8 Support for D2D & India & Hapsburg East

1.7 Support for North America

1.6 Support for Solid Irregulars. Fix compatto/grande break points

1.5 Support for French Wars of Religion

1.4 Bases to break – War Wagon change. Fix for Steady for Compatto and Grande

1.3 Added Characteristics and Traits for Italian Wars

1.2 Added support for Forts

1.1 Added Trained Bands trait, fixed Generals scouting contribution as shown on input sheet