Upcoming Events

ReG events are great fun and very welcoming so do come along and join in the fun. The players are always willing to help new players along. We have had three people now join events without ever having played a game, learning through the event and becoming pretty adept by game 3.

You can see more details on events on the forum

DateLocationTitleScalePointsTicket Link
NovFarnborough(UK)Armies dated 1680-1721 using lists from
League of Augsburg
War of Spanish Succession
Great North War Lists

in addition
Early 18th Century Ottoman Provincial Army in the West
Early 18th Century Ottoman Provincial Army in the North
Ottoman Army vs the Russians 1711 Pruth Campaign
Early 18th Century Ottoman Sultans Army
Crimean Tatar
Ukrainian Cossack Hetmanate
Deluge Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.
9/10th DecOxford
Wolvercote (UK)
Open – Any Army 1580-1679
max 1 unit with flintlock
24/25 Feb 2024Burton (UK)Helion launch – Europe’s Ruin15mm10000Details