Upcoming Events

ReG events are great fun and very welcoming so do come along and join in the fun. The players are always willing to help new players along. We have had three people now join events without ever having played a game, learning through the event and becoming pretty adept by game 3.

You can see more details on events on the forum

DateLocationTitleScalePointsTicket Link
24/25 Feb 2024Burton (UK)BADCON – Helion launch – Europe’s Ruin15mm10000Details
15/16 Jun 2024Daventry (UK)Skullrollers – Any army from the British Civil War section in Europe’s Ruin 15mm9000
9/10/11 Aug 2024Nottingham (UK)Britcon – Muskets – armies and allies dated 1580-1680, from the following lists
Europe’s Ruin
Habsburg Facing East(PDF)
On the Dnieper (PDF)
Central Asia (PDF)
Ottoman Empire (PDF)
16/17 Nov 2024Farnborough (UK)Warfare – Any army from Great Kings, Grand Alliances15mm11000