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Army list anatomy.

In this week’s article, we will look at a slightly different topic, that being army lists and army building. The first army list set to be released is called Europe’s Ruin, based on the 30 Years War and the British Civil Wars. Army lists allow you to create an army based on a template that defines the type and number of units that you can field.

If we break down an army list and discuss each in turn. Starting from the top.

In the top section we have seven items of information the first of which is the army title plus the army number so this number is a unique number that allows you to identify which list is being used for construction.

The keynote is a high-level description of the army which battles it fought in and any notable features.

The next line of dates is the range in which the army was active. When playing at an event there may be a restriction to only field armies within a certain date range, the dates listed here will give you which years your army will be active. Next, we have the generals. Each army can field up to four generals and this line tells you which type they are they are; tribal, instinctive, or professional. Most armies have just a single type, however, some may be allowed two or more different types to be selected.

Home terrain indicates which terrain maps can be used when this army is defending. Each army can have anywhere between one and four terrain maps available to it.

Army traits are a list of traits that are available to this army these traits are mandatory unless specified in the notes at the bottom of the list these army traits will give character to your army and make it perform in a way that its historical archetype does.

The next section is the troop lines the profile of each troop is relatively straightforward and displays each of the elements that make up the troop (training order quality etc). The right-most four columns are worth discussing.

In this example you must take 2 pike and shot. The maximum you can field is 12, but German Pike&Shot maximum is 6

Option indicates any optional characteristic that a truth may take you can see its cost parenthesized. Minimum and maximum the minimum value indicates how many units of this type must fielded.  If the minimum is zero, then the troops are optional. If it is more than zero, then they must be fielded in at least that number. The maximum indicates the maximum number of units that can be filled in that type and finally, the rightmost column is the points.

In Renatio et Gloriam there are two sets of points the first of which is for casual play these are the ones that are printed in the list books. You will play typically 100-point games and will simply add up the cost of your generals and the cost of each of your units to get to that total.

You can play competitively in which case the army points or shown in the army builder. These points are multiplied by 100 and you will play between 9000 and 11000 pt. games. Competition points will be revised on an annual basis to allow any balancing issues that may occur. Casual play points will not be adjusted.

At the bottom of the list, there are three sections the first of which are notes here you may find anything pertinent to your army list that may be exceptional or give caveats to specific army traits etc underneath we find allies these are allies that can be fielded with this army indicating the list that they will be taken from and finally underneath we have a brief historical introduction a slight expansion from the keynotes above giving a brief overview up the only on the history that surrounds it.

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  • Alan Hayes

    When the new rule book is released will the excel army builder be available via a link if so is that in the rulebook or the army lists

    • The army builder will be available directly from the website.


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