V2023.6 – 10th June 2023

REG Core Rules for 2023 release

Core Rule

11.E (page 40) – Block Moves

Add 1.5 UGs in ambush can never be part of a block move until they have moved out of ambush, and are on table.

12.I (Page 46) – Countercharges

Add to 7.1 Both must start at least 1BW from the charging enemy and move into a position such that the front edge is in the path of charge of the charging enemy.

14.H.6 (Page 61)- Drive backs

Replace point 6 with – TUGs who have any fighting files, or are behind hasty defences, barricades or redoubts do not suffer Drive Back effect.

AP30.X Horse (Page 229)

Replace 3rd bullet in blue box

Deployed 2 , 3 or 4 wide

Deploys 2 wide and 2 deep


Shooting Modifiers

Replace Plug Bayonet being charged

with Plug Bayonet TUG shooting when target of a charge.

Prompted actions

C3 Impetuous Troops ≤3BW. not Forced if >3 down in charge combat.

Terrain PDF

Cultivated Sheet – Town – Special Rules – replace with

May be placed touching, or superimposing, on deep water. The area covering deep water is treated as rough going.

REG Core Rules for 2022 release (Corrected in 2023 PDF)

Any issues with rules will be corrected here –

P 13 Charging Firepower (CFP) – 2nd para, 2nd sentence – “They may fire as AFP”

P 16 3.10 cannot tug an OTT

P 10.5 Basing
Up to 1 BW – Artillery, Commanders, Dragoons, Elephants.

P18 Territory type

Replace Featureless with Plains

P37 9.B.10 (10 – add instinctive)

10. Instinctive Army commanders can gift one card to any instinctive sub Generals within range. Fighting Generals cannot gift cards

P38 9.E (remove exemption of allied general from KAB test)

 2.3 The allied troops only suffer a KAB test for death of their own General. In addition, if the allied General dies, he does not cause KAB tests on any other UGs.

P40 10.B (1.1) Formations in Combat

You can never make an M1 MF1 move to be wider than specified by your formation

P48 12.J.7.3 (Run Away or Skirmish Response)

Add a new 4th bullet.

A Skirmish or Run Away may only end nearer to any enemy UGs charging if they have managed to entirely escape the chargers’ path of charge. As VMD is rolled after choosing direction, if your VMD roll is poor and you cannot thereby comply no move is made, you remain in place and may be hit.


,as shown in the example below

P56 – 3

In this example the flank has been protected by the presence of friends on their flank.


owning player chooses to do this at SP4.3 and SP5.6.

P 61. Point 3 (missing Low FP shooting)

Files with missile weapons and High, Average, Low,
or Salvo Firepower (not Charge Firepower) may shoot.

P62. 31 (line up with QRS)

For a 3 wide TUG, if any base does not have a valid target and the central file is in shooting arc, then the adjacent file may “re at the same target if in range

P62. 14.D (missing Artillery arc of file – point 7)

  • Artillery shooting more than 8BW have a 2BW arc of fire
  • Artillery shooting at, or less than, 8BW have a 1BW arc of fire


4.4 If the Drive back prevents the charger reaching its target, for each Drive Back effect the UG move is reduced by 1 BW. 

remove bullet 4.5


4 (11.H). (11.L).

4.1 (11.H). (11.L).

P68 Kill a Base test (removed allied general exception)

There are two exceptions:

• If they are allied troops and it is not their allied General who has died.

• If they are non-allied troops and an allied General has died.

P 68 16.B ( Missing insecure)

4.7.  Close Foot TUG entering, or becoming Close, in an insecure Flank sector.

P81 Break Off Move (extraneous KAB reference)

Troops breaking off consider only enemy in front- edge contact with them for determining the move needed and KABs rolled – ignore enemy in supporting files.

Rule Change included in 2023 version

M12.K (Replacing the whole of point 1)

  1. In addition to normal arc of fire (14.D)
    1. 2 TUGs who are the target of a frontal charge, can fire all files at the charging TUG unless any of the following apply
  • The firing file has another enemy base directly ahead and within 1 BW. 
  • The firing file is in combat or acting as a supporting file.
  • They have made a charge, intercept, or counter charge.
  1. 2 Files in TUGs who are not the target of a charge, can fire if all of the following apply
  • The charge path starts, or comes within, 1BW
  • Directly ahead of the shooting file.
  • They have not made a charge, intercept, or counter charge.

QRS (for 2022 PDF only)

Prompted Actions

F2 Break Off Mounted from slower/equal speed Foot

Combat Sheet

All mentions of Ls refer to LSp

Turn Sequence

4.2 Replace Professional or Instinctive Generals killed in previous TURN – reduced by one level.

6.2 Replace Tribal or Instinctive Generals killed in previous TURN – command level permanently reduced by one level.

KAB tests

U1 Killing a General – test all UGs in Line of Command within 3BW (6BW if Legendary)

U4 Driven back into or through friends (both TUGs)

U5 Close Foot entering, or becoming Close, in an insecure flank sector

U6 Close/Loose Foot in Good Going(B) and insecure flank sector, charged by Mounted/Elephants

U7 Close Foot in Good Going (B), in an unsecure flank sector (even partially)