A Wargaming Life: Past, Present and Future.

I started collecting toy soldiers when he was 11 and played my first wargame at 11 using airfix plastics and operation warboard ww2 rules by Gavin Lyall. This combined with D&D and lots and lots of sport took me through my teenage years.

After University work generally took over though I started to wargame again and played on the Southern DBM doubles circuit with many an enjoyable game played at Godendag, Devizes , Clevedon and Berkeley.

Then like all of us generally work took over , by trade I am a PE teacher (with a degree in Politics, go figure) who started in special schools and secure units and ending up as Deputy Head in the private school system before getting out of the rat race and just going back to teaching in normal secondary school.

Wargaming wise I happily played my favourite period renaissance with friends over the years often putting on large multiplayer games using a variety of rulesets.

With the production of FOG Renaissance I again got back onto the competition scene and won multiple BHGS competitions including Britcon three times in a row and most other competitions and made many good friends in the process. Unfortunately with the big changes in the ruleset I was no longer happy to carry on with the way it was going and was fortunate enough to coincide with Simons production of Mortem et Gloriam which I found refreshing & innovative and again was fortunate enough to win the majority of MeG competitions so when Simon asked me to do a renaissance version I jumped at the chance.

And one year on, here we are with a Renaissance ruleset ready to play, I hope you enjoy.