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Author Topic: 17th Century Mughul vs Tokagawa  (Read 76 times)


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17th Century Mughul vs Tokagawa
« on: August 09, 2020, 05:04:50 AM »
Decided to try something different from the usual Euro Centric games.

The Mughul Army;

2 x 4 Mansabdari Cavalry - Formed Loose Ave Unproc LL AFP Bow Evade UFA
1 x 4 Rajput Cavalry - Formed Loose Sup Prot LL Swd Aggressive Impetuous UFA
1 x 4 Sihidars - Formed Loose Sup Prot LL Swd AFP Bow SHoot & Charge UFA
1 x 6 Matchlock Men - Formed L/S Ave Unproc AFP Matchlock
1 x 9 Hindu Archers - Tribal L/S Ave Unproc Irreg AFP Bow Fleet of Foot Combat Shy UFA
2 x 9 Levy Foot - Tribal Loose Poor Unproc Swd Irreg Fleet of Foot Combat shy UFA
1 x 9 Ghazirs & Nairs - Tribal Loose Ave Unproc Swd Irreg Aggressive Fleet of Foot UFA
2 x 4 Fanatics - Tribal Loose Ave Unproc Swd Aggressive Fanatic Fleet of Foot Impulsive UFA
1 x 6 Shamshevbaz - Formed Loose Sup Prot Impact Weapon Expert Swd Aggressive
2 x 3 Elephants - Tribal Loose Ave Armoured LFP Matchlock
3 x 3 Camel Guns Tribal Loose Ave Unprot LFP Light Arty Fleet of Foot
Irreg Generals - Legendary, Tribal, 2 x Competent

The Tokagawa army from memory (I believe it was generated with the previous version of the List)

3 x 4 Mounted Bushi - Formed Loose Sup Prot LL Exp Swd
3 x 6 Ashigaru Teppo - Formd L/S Ave Unproc AFP Arquebus
4 x 6 Retained Ashigaru - Drilled C/L Ave Prot Lspear Lspear
1 x 4 Li Naomasa Mtd Samurai - Formed Loose Excep Prot LL Exp Swd Aggress Impet
1 x 6 Li Naomasa Samurai with Yari - Formed C/L Excep Prot Lspear Lspear Elan Impet
1 x 6 Li Naomasa Ashigaru - Formed C/S Sup Prot Lspear Lspear Elan Impet

Prof Generals - Legendary, Tribal, Competent, Mediocre

Terrain was Jungle with a river on my right flank 2 rocky grounds in the left hand half of my side of the board, a gentle hill and large woods opersite the broken grounds in my opponets half and lastly a swamp between the river and the woods in my opponets half.

I was 40% outscouted so Pat got to counter deploy the entire army. Given the number and frontage of the units in my force I covered 1 side of the board to the other with 3 units in the second line.
Left to Right front line, Elephants, Elephants, Hindu Archers, Fanatics, Gkazirs&Nairs, Shamshevbaz, Matchlock Men, Camel Guns, Camel Guns, Camel Guns, Sihidars, Rajput, mansabdari, mansabdari. The 2 levy foot where in support behind the line of infantry and the last Fanatic with hard behind the matchlock men (This was a mistake) Pat countered with 1 of the Arquebus and Ashigaru LSpear unit in eschelon next to the river with the 3 Superior Cav next all facing my Cav. Empty Space in front of the 3 Camel Gun Units, from left to right facing my infantry where Arquebus, Ashigaru Ashigaru Arquebus with a Ashigaru directly behind. Facing the Elephants where the 3 Il Naomasa units Ashigaru on the flank with teh Foot Samurai next and the mounted samurai in front.

Pat was active first and advanced his Except Cav between the woods and the hill, I block moved my cav forward double to hold his back and to allow me to swing the Guns to engage the infantry. The 2 infantry lines advanced and the guns swung towards the infantry (Love Fleet of Foot Guns).

Next turn the fight was on as I had drawn a Zebra hand for the Elephants meant I could not charge them into the Exception Cav but Pat tried to charge them into the Combat shy Hindu archers but the fire from the archers and suporting elephants stoped the charge and Killed an element. Pats 3 Superior Cav charged my 2 Superior and 1 Average Cav My 2 Superior Charged and the average shot and evaded because of offsets my 2 units blocked all 3 of his factors where even across the line so this started a game of minor attrition. At this point the Arquebus next to the river opened up on my last Cav unit and 3 Yellow dice left them not in a happy place. 5 of the Camel guns sht the Arquebus unit 3 wounds and a total of 4 hits which pushed them back throught the Ashigaru behind them doing anther wound to each unit on the KAB test. Pats infantry line advanced and 1 unit of the Elephants and 1 of the Fanatics go in position to Flank Charge the Exceptional Cav.   

Next turn Pat was active and charged the Exceptional Cav again into the Archers he also charge to Exception Infantry into the Elephants to protect the Cav Flank but the Fanatics went in on the other flank. He chose to fight the Elehants first and only allocated factors for superior which meant instead of evens he fought down 1 factors so I managed a few wounds to him for 1 in response. I chose the Fanatics Flank attack as the next fight and rolled a Skull to break the Exceptional Cav after some ineffective KABs the Fanatics pursued into the Flank of Exceptional infantry Engaged with the Elephants and took a base off. The Fight on the Cav front continued with Pat having the Advantage but me rolling very slightly better.

Next turn the infantry lines came together with neither side having a major advantage Green to White down the line with the exception of 1 file of Ashigarue having a yellow to white vs the matchlock Men (he rolled a Blank on the Yellow and I got a wound on the white) To distract the guns he advanced his arquebus unit directly at them 9 white dice and another base was lost. On the Cavalry front Pat lost the middle Samarai Unit and had one reduced to 2 bases while I lost the Rajput Cav and the Mansabdari Cav to the arquebus fire.

The game ended on this next turn the 2 remaining Samurai Cav units broke 1 to shooting and one in combat. The My Guns broke the Arquebus unit and againts the odds the Machlock Men broke the Ashigaru. The combinded Elephants and Flanking Fanatics broke the Exceptional Infantry which meant he had lost 7 units to my 2.

On the whole I was happy with how the game went with only the decision to put 1 of the Fanatics behind the Matchlock Men a mistake being Tribal once the fight starts they cannot manouver to get into the fight.

The game ran smoothly with no rules questions.


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Re: 17th Century Mughul vs Tokagawa
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2020, 08:14:15 PM »
Love reading the battle reports,  My Tokagawa army did well a couple of weekends ago but my chinese really suffered against a burmese, time to bring my Mughals out.