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Tournaments / Re: Oxford 15th / 16th December
« Last post by craig.w on Today at 06:13:31 AM »
At least you can hide in terrain!

True, and they do that at every opportunity!
Tournaments / Re: Oxford 15th / 16th December
« Last post by StephenB on Today at 05:42:42 AM »
Thanks for the report.

It sounds like a fun 2 days.

Tournaments / Re: Oxford 15th / 16th December
« Last post by mad lemmey on December 18, 2018, 07:43:31 AM »
At least you can hide in terrain!
In theory they can, I've only seen it once in six games!  ;D
Tournaments / Re: Oxford 15th / 16th December
« Last post by craig.w on December 17, 2018, 11:36:16 PM »
High firepower are supposed to be pretty good - green dice within 2BW! Must have been the dice  :-\ I'd love some HFP for my all-musket Streltsy, because they are getting ridden down by mounted at the moment... 
Well done on 2nd - my Russians get pummelled by Hussars! Hussars seem a lot better than the FoGR interpretation. They actually can beat something in one turn.  ;)


Beta General Discussion / Re: Mounted and pursuit
« Last post by alasdair on December 17, 2018, 06:37:50 PM »
Thinking about this one, partly in relation to Agressive/Ferocious about which I may well post separately.

I am wondering if, as a default, all mounted should pursue routers the 3 moves that currently Aggressive, etc. have to. I think that in general mounted tend to pursue defeated opponents, especially defeated mounted opponents (maybe due to the herd nature of horses). However, some were more controllable in this respect than other - I think the Polish hussaria are a case for example. Also, on some occasions even those we typically see as "uncontrollable" in pursuit were rallied after a short pursuit - some of Wilmot's cavalry at Roundway Down for example.

So I'd suggest that all mounted pursue 3 times by default, but that there is a Controllable characteristic for those who are less prone to it. Aggressive, etc. would not be the thing that causes the 3 move prusuit and this would be removed.

That will be sorted in version 4 with an increased range of characteristics, single pursuits will be the norm with impetuous only have the three pursuits
Controllable types would only have to pursue once.

Any can have their pursuit reduced by the playing of cards (F1 in prompted actions) - and multiple cards can be played with each reducing the pursuit by 1 move.
Beta General Discussion / Re: high pike ratio/low pike ratio
« Last post by alasdair on December 17, 2018, 06:36:25 PM »
Units with high pike ration get a + against all troops, however, units with low poke ratio only suffer a - when the opponent is keil, tercio or pike. This came up in a game last weekend where it was Scots Jacobite v League of Augsberg. I found it strange that the + modifier counts against all troops but the - modifier is only available to certain  troops. Surely, small numbers of pikes(which I assume is what low pike ratio is) should not have an influence on infantry at least. I can understand it still affecting mounted units but it seemed strange that it is cancelling the aggressive bonus when the pikes are in low numbers and really there to keep cavalry away.

To be fair a good point, will look at
Enjoy all.
Four test fight, Polish Winged Hussars are still overpaid glory seekers who can't fight for toffee, despite having all the whistles and bells!
Tournaments / Re: Oxford 15th / 16th December
« Last post by mad lemmey on December 17, 2018, 03:08:00 PM »
All minor bits, like close foot with pike get no bonuses whatsoever against loose unarmed foot, what happens to a Neil if it expands and how does it reform after, stuff that's fallen off the playsheet, are high firepower troops good enough or should Keith buy new dice...  ;D
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