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Refights and After Action Reports / Re: Cossack Vs Gustavan Swedish.
« Last post by alasdair on April 19, 2019, 03:40:28 PM »
Thanks a lot for this Martin, more games the merrier and will continue to bear in mind all people opinions as looking foward to evryones opinion


Refights and After Action Reports / Cossack Vs Gustavan Swedish.
« Last post by martymagnificent on April 19, 2019, 03:06:52 PM »
Had my first test game using the new Britcon rules and lists. I played the Cossacks and Paul R commanded the Swedes. As we don't have the new army generator yet we used the old one but gave the Swedes 14K points and the Cossacks 15K to make up for all their unprotected units. In general we were both very impressed. It ran quickly and gave believable results.

The Cossacks had 6x6 base cavalry (2 superiors), 3 P and S units ad 4x8 base musket units. The Swedes had 5 Brigades (1 superior), Medium Guns, 2x4 Dragoons, 1x4 commanded shot, 3x6 charging pistol cavalry and 1x6 carbine cavalry. We had a coastline and essentially no other terrain (which was probably always going to make life hard for the smaller, less mobile Swedes)

The Swedes (heavily outscouted) put half their mounted and a unit of dragoons next to the coast. The other half of their mounted, Dragoons and commanded shot took the other flank. The infantry spread out in between. The Cossacks placed their PandS (backed by one cav unit) opposite the Swedish cavalry on the coast. Spread out their infantry in the center and placed the 5 other cavalry units on the other flank.

Essentially the Cossack infantry sought to prolong the firefight in the center as long as possible while the large cavalry wing overwhelmed the Swedish mounted, commanded shot and dragoons in front of them. This left the flank of the Swedish infantry under threat and essentially finished the game.

A very positive first experience with REG. Paul R was unsure if infantry should be able to back up as easily as they do in MEG give the greater effectiveness of shooting (my Cossack foot backed away from his brigades on a couple of occasions). Loose foot seem very vulnerable to mounted (2 factors in impact and one in melee). It didn't come up in the game but I noticed on the QRS that artillery seem to get upgraded twice against poor targets but other shooting doesn't get upgraded at all (unlike MeG). I wonder if this could create a temptation to run hordes of poor musket troops for infantry shootouts given poor status has no impact on the units ability to shoot or endure fire?

I had some thoughts on the new version Cossack list as well but will put them in another thread.

Looking forward to giving them another go


Beta General Discussion / Draft Versions for Britcon
« Last post by Administrator on April 16, 2019, 01:13:25 PM »
Draft Rules and Lists all now available on the TWZ site  -


Beta General Discussion / Re: Latest Version
« Last post by alasdair on April 16, 2019, 09:30:01 AM »
Might be a coupla of days later but near enough


Beta General Discussion / Re: Latest Version
« Last post by StephenB on April 16, 2019, 02:23:34 AM »
Thanks  :)

Will the Army builder be available at the same time?
Beta General Discussion / Latest Version
« Last post by alasdair on April 15, 2019, 05:51:40 PM »
Hi Everyone

Just to let you know the latest version will be up on the main wargame zone website with the lists by the end of the week with a big thank you to Nigel for artwork and Simon C for work on the website. This includes lots of changes as recommended by you the players and thoughts after games. This will be the version from now till after Britcon.

A quick & rough guide to changes

Lots of bits and pieces tied up as pointed out by players

Four types of armour which apply per unit as we try to ensure the correct interactions, fully armoured, armoured, protected and unprotected and to please lots of players armour counts in all melees (except vs elephants and 2HC)

Plug and Socket Bayonets introduced

Trotting pistol introduced

LPR & HPR removed:- LPR just felt wrong and a wargame invention so removed and wont come back, HPR less sure off but removed at present, definitely need to play more early games

So where do we feel we are, I am very happy with the game from 1590-1660, need some more games for 1660-1721 (but am generally happy) period but I think Britcon and Devizes will sort that as late armies always popular, Then after Britcon want to spend some more time on early period, then off to printers at the end of the year . massive thank you to all who have helped and continue to, feel free to volunteer to write your favourite list, correct my lists, play games and enjoy yourself as to be fair if we are not enjoying our games why are we playing. And if you can make it start booking into Devizes and Britcon

as ever stay well


Sorry, forgot you had elan - red + white against black in charge combat.  :(
Since the Russians would not come out of terrain it meant there where no infantry melees which was a shame as I wanted to see how a Superior Armoured Kiel performed so they where just 2500+ points of intimidation.

I didn't need to get hit by a keil to know that fighting red against white in both charge and melee wouldn't be very good for me ;D ;D ;D
It was an interesting game, with the artillery proving more effective due to the additional depth of the the Spanish infantry. Since the Russians would not come out of terrain it meant there where no infantry melees which was a shame as I wanted to see how a Superior Armoured Kiel performed so they where just 2500+ points of intimidation.

Terrain was one of the deciding factor for the game, I decide to push the gap between the protected flank and the Town with 1 of the Colunela which allowed the Russians to concentrate fire of 2 units with a third in support I should of held back and used it to prevent an advance on my Camp.

The two issues I had with the Cavalry where fumbling the transition from Skirmisher to Loose Formation for the Mounted Arquebusiers  and attaching the General to the Impetuous unit and having him dragged well out of command range of the remainder of his command. Both of these where due to lack of practice on my part not an issue with the troops

Craig's major issue was that his bow armed cavalry was ineffective against cavalry with armour.

as ever thanks for this it is much appreciated, I love to read about games, I have yet to really write earlier russian lists I will make sure to add in barricades, add them anyway, by the way by the end of this week there will be posted on the main wargames zone website the latest version of the rules and updated lists though I know I still have to do some more work on early lists. Cant remember wher I got Spanish HFP from I think it was from an article about their discipline, drill and effectiveness but as ever happy to review


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